I love it when a game has frequent updates, I love when it stays fresh, when it has tons of different new stuff in it, new updates and other cool features. This is exactly why I love to play Mutilate a Doll 2, unlike other online games out there it has new weapons added every single month, new updates can include different gadgets, misc items, ranged and melee weapons, etc.

You can always check new updates from game menu, just start the match, click libraries and there you will find tabs: newest weapons, newest melee and newest misc.

By the way, did you know this fan fact? Game developers often listen to user suggestions, you can leave comments below, add some ideas, show us your creative mind and we will be more than happy to include your opinions in the next updates.
We had interesting requests before, some suggested to add Frostmourne from WoW, some legendary items from Lineage, from PUBG, etc. This is our new option, a lot of gamers worldwide has found it useful and helpful.

There are some fan-made blogs out there that include full guides about updates, my favorite one is steamdb.info. There you can find a lot of interesting articles, some useful tips, and cool ideas as well.